The field of application of Flexographic printing machine

According to the field of application, flexographic printing machines are divided into five categories: labels, flexible packaging, carton, cup hard packaging, carton pre printing and book printing. They are introduced as follows:

Labels: mainly used for the printing of self-adhesive labels. This type of flexographic printing machine has complete functions, including almost all the connection functions of the flexographic printing machine, such as peeling, laminating, flipping, bronzing, film covering, glazing, die cutting, waste discharge, bumping, breaking, slitting, online code assignment, etc.




Flexible packaging: Flexible packaging flexographic printing machine is mainly used for paper printing packaging materials, such as disposable medical supplies packaging bags, tea packaging paper, food packaging paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. If equipped with corona treatment system, it can also print BOPP, PET and other plastic films.

Paper boxes and cups: mainly used for paperboard, single and double PE paper printing, such as paper cups, paper bags, food packaging boxes, drug packaging boxes, etc

Carton pre printing: mainly used for the pre printing of large batch packaging cartons such as Mengniu, Yili, Qingdao Beer, etc.

Books and periodicals printing: the positive four negative four printing plus turning pages are completed at one time.

Post time: Sep-29-2022